Here at EasyLPEC, our focus is to collaborate closely with development teams, using a data-driven approach to create top-charting games together. Our philosophy is to establish long-term relationships with our partners by guiding them in ideation and iteration, and equipping them with the tools for lasting success.

We can unlock the full potential of your mobile gaming experience.

Our Publishing Process

Collaborate directly with your dedicated coach to enhance gameplay and metrics to meet publishing standards. Your coach will assist you in identifying, understanding, and addressing areas for improvement in your game.

Our team is diligently working behind the scenes to attract millions of engaged users to your game, maximize monetization, and generate substantial profits for your game.

We offer development support to assist you with any technical challenges you may face. Additionally, we streamline your process by providing our EasyLPEC SDK for all essential integrations, saving you time and effort.

We firmly believe that your success translates to our success. Therefore, we provide guaranteed payouts in addition to profit sharing. This implies that in the event your game achieves success, you will reap financial rewards through our collaboration.

Partner with EasyLPEC and elevate your hyper-casual game to new heights.

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